Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our First Craft Fair

We slaved, we toiled….okay, not really but we did work hard to prepare for our FIRST Craft Fair.

IMG_7058  IMG_7055

Here’s what Biz ate when we worked (no, not the pins :P)IMG_6959_edited-1

Here’s what I ateIMG_6960_edited-1 Yeah, I know, but you can’t go wrong with Snickerdoodles. ;)


On April 10th, Bizy Janes went public at the…

Hip Happening Craft Fair. 

IMG_7179 IMG_7181

IMG_7185 IMG_7183



Our FIRST CustomersIMG_7188 Thanks to Biz’s aunt and friend. ;)

It was a small craft fair with a variety of crafts at different booths.  We met some great people, and were inspired by their work. 


Here is one our newest creations that we added to our inventory.  They will soon be in our Etsy Shop as a set with matching burp cloths.  Find out when they get added to our shop on our Facebook page.  Remember to Fan us to get updates.


Thank You for visiting us!

God Bless!

Biz and Heather

Psalm 103:1

Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s a Wonderful Month!


Our little business is slowly, but surely, taking off this month!   

We’re pretty excited, and THANK those customers who, so far, made this month Extra Special for us!


Remember those vintage hankies, that now smell of sunshine instead of...well, ew?  Well, two of those hankies turned into a new creation of ours!  It was an inspiration that came from a book Biz had looked at in Joann Fabrics. 

While playing around with that idea, I (Heather) thought “Oh, wouldn’t it be adorable to make it into a magnet?”  Thus the creation of the…

Vintage Hankie Pocket Magnet





Use it on your fridge and/or file cabinet and use it for…

* Your daily recipe cards!
* A special greeting card!
* Your cut out coupons
* Little candy treats


Share with us what you would use it for!


Wednesday is coming, and that means it’s a Bizy Janes Work Day!  Were gonna be workin’ hard as we will be doing our First craft fair as Bizy Janes! 

Thank You for following us on our journey!

God Bless!

Biz and Heather

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome To Our Blog

Hello! Our names are Elizabeth (aka Biz) and Heather, or you can just call us Bizy Janes! We are two friends who enjoy sewing and creating….so we joined ranks and started our small business this past January!

So far, we have created a shop on etsy, We are looking forward in doing craft fairs and farmers markets in our local areas within the next couple months.

We have SO many great ideas, and have even been inspired by other crafters….especially The Farm Chicks! We pretty much dig them!




Twice a month we get together and share, sew, get new ideas, and just chat. If you could see us once one of us arrives at the other’s house! It’s a continual sharing time of ideas for about 30 minutes, non-stop…and we love it!

IMG_0006What our sharing time creates. :)

After sharing, there was one thing I, Heather, needed help with….getting the stink out of vintage hankies. We tried soaking them in baking soda and water, then cleaning them, but that did not work. While they were still damp, I thought that maybe (just maybe) having them dry out in the good ole’ sunshine would work. And well….it' worked! Ah, there is nothing like the smell of sunshine on your fabrics!


The last BJ Work Day, we started working on these cute backpacks, which Biz came up with on her own. She wanted to create something for her little man’s 2nd birthday and came up with an adorable Noah’s Ark Backpack!


So with her inspiration, we started sewing 2 backpacks.



Did I forget to mention we went to Joann Fabrics, ate Taco Time fast food for lunch (yummy), put the little man down for a nap, another trip to Joann’s (because we forgot one little item that was crucial in making the backpack) and got a latte for Biz before all the sewing? With all that running around and eating, we finished one backpack, and the other is in near completion. There would have been two done, but I did a little thing called “starting a blog”. :)

Here’s our newest addition to Bizy Janes Shop

Flower Power Child’s Backpack

HPIM6588 HPIM6590

HPIM6593 HPIM6589


You can fan us at to get frequent updates.

Thank You for following us!

God bless!

Biz and Heather