Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our First Craft Fair

We slaved, we toiled….okay, not really but we did work hard to prepare for our FIRST Craft Fair.

IMG_7058  IMG_7055

Here’s what Biz ate when we worked (no, not the pins :P)IMG_6959_edited-1

Here’s what I ateIMG_6960_edited-1 Yeah, I know, but you can’t go wrong with Snickerdoodles. ;)


On April 10th, Bizy Janes went public at the…

Hip Happening Craft Fair. 

IMG_7179 IMG_7181

IMG_7185 IMG_7183



Our FIRST CustomersIMG_7188 Thanks to Biz’s aunt and friend. ;)

It was a small craft fair with a variety of crafts at different booths.  We met some great people, and were inspired by their work. 


Here is one our newest creations that we added to our inventory.  They will soon be in our Etsy Shop as a set with matching burp cloths.  Find out when they get added to our shop on our Facebook page.  Remember to Fan us to get updates.


Thank You for visiting us!

God Bless!

Biz and Heather

Psalm 103:1

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